Saturday, 6 September 2008

Babylon AD - a good night out

Maybe Vin Diesel's acting would be taken more seriously if his name didn't sound like a cleaning product.
It's a shame because in this film he more than competently pulls-off the role of a merciless, combat-numbed killer with a hidden heart of gold.
His mission is to escort a virgin who knows everything across an apocalyptic continent. With the help of a ninja nun.
If you enter the cinema with appropriate expectations you can’t fail to be entertained.
Director Mathieu Kassovitz is best known for the critically acclaimed French social commentary La Haine.
And Babylon AD has plenty of observations on the world’s frightening future.
Advertising is everywhere, and the multi-screen multimedia living room console can’t be turned off.
Religions are competing with each other for business and will do anything to win converts.
In post-Soviet eastern Europe ruthless gangsters rule and life and death are entertainment.
Even Canada shoots illegal immigrants on site.
And Mark Strong has hair.
It’s an action movie that can start a conversation.
Odeon Printworks, Manchester - adults £7.

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