Saturday, 13 September 2008

Canadian blogger cannot be serious

Is it an art project, is it a sophisticated advert, or is it really an attempt to become the world’s fastest swimmer?
A recently-started blog called Chasing Michael Phelps is certainly intriguing.
The writer claims to be Cedric, a 24-year-old volleyball player from Canada.
Inspired by the performances of Phelps at the Olympics, Cedric has decided to dedicate the next four years to training for swimming glory.
On the blog our new hero discusses his training, asks for tips, and posts videos of his progress.
It’s well done – but can it possibly be serious.
Does Cedric really believe he can start from scratch and rival Phelps?
How is he going to support himself?
Are his friends and family on board?
He needs to find an appropriate training regime. In one video he is trying to swim against a fast flowing river.
In the time he takes to set himself up Phelps would have done half a dozen lengths. And viewers wince as Cedric is dashed against the rocks.
These are rubbish training methods. But good pictures. Is Cedric an art student pulling us in to his performance?
The blogger goes into great detail about his equipment – special suit, training videos, and underwater camera.
Maybe it’s an advert.
If Cedric is serious he has bought big-style into the strange modern desire to give up your privacy and live life in a goldfish bowl.
If this is art how do we describe it? Blogtertainment, reality blogging, blog drama?
Perhaps it’s a multi-media novel.
London 2012 would make a good finale.

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meggles said...

Oh that blog- I think Cedric has a long (let me stress LONG) way to go until he reaches average swimming ability. For him to reach the level of Phelps' he has a lot of things to change...the speed of his kick, the amount of distance he does in any given practice. Granted if he makes that team he's been lusting for it may help a little bit. Swimming is a sport you can pick up at any age but I definitely think Cedric is being a little naive and presumptuous!

Btw thanks for the comment.