Saturday, 30 August 2008

Mixing blogs and politics

Political blogging is a worldwide phenomenon.
Does it mean democratic participation is on the up?
Or are anorak activists just talking to themselves?
Dave’s Part is one of the most influential blogs on the British left. It takes its name from a fictional character in the satirical magazine Private Eye and is written by professional journalist David Osler.
Recently Dave asked for comments about the blog.
It’s All Culture sought out opinions from two perspectives:

A male Labour Party member and trade union activist says:
I check Dave’s Part most days. I love it when I find there’s a new post.
Dave is a bit too pessimistic – but his analysis is usually spot on and remarkably well-informed.
I like the variety of comments – though it can descend into sniping from rival branches of the Judean People’s Front.
It’s a clever blog but not scared to include jokes and jibes.
And as a left-Labour syndicalist it re-inforces my opinions – which is always nice.
My one criticism is that there aren’t enough calls to participate or links to campaigns and events.
But I guess other blogs do that.

A female non-activist trade union member, reading Dave’s Part for the first time says:
The blog is written by someone who, I suspect, has been sitting alone in their room reading political pamphlets and texts for far too long. All this, without taking a moment to lift their political snout up from their work and take a long, hard, and realistic look out of the window and study life outside.
At the moment I am concerned by the huge gas bills which come through the letterbox. An increase of 26% eats into a budget. When I’m in the supermarket I am always amazed at how much a loaf has gone up in a week – how much everything has gone up. I won’t mention petrol.
My point is that I can’t see how showing off you are an expert on Galbraith or Keynes can be of much practical use to the common man.
I’m not inspired.

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Anonymous said...

In reply to the views of the last person - why has the price of gas gone up 26% - or similar for bread? And what can we or should we do about that?

You will spend your whole life being befuddled, and as a spectator unless you form a view (including from reading pamphlets) and then take action.

Sadly 'Dave's Part' fails on both - the wrong pamphlets and no action - but others, such as my site, don't.

Southpawpunch (Orthodox Trotskyist United Front of Judea).