Thursday, 28 August 2008

Top Lebanese food in Manchester

The Bawadi Café, just a couple of minutes walk down Cheetham Hill Road from the MEN Arena, is one of Manchester’s hidden culinary gems.
It serves Lebanese and Mediterranean delights in a pleasant contemporary wood-panelled environment.
Hot and cold starters in decent portions are good for sharing.
The humus (£3.80) is particularly tasty – creamy, not too bitter or too sweet, and served with warm flat bread.
The falafel (£3.80) is a little dry but accompanied by a minty dip and salad.
Old-fashioned iceberg makes a delightful change from the plate of weeds served up in most restaurants as lettuce.
Main courses come with rice and a spicy tomato-based sauce.
The cubed chicken (£7.95) is extraordinary. Tender and flavoursome it really does melt in your mouth.
Za’atar is the secret ingredient.
The mixed grill (£9.50) features the remarkable cubed chicken, well-done lamb chops, and lamb kebab.
The Bawadi is not licensed – but there is an off-license less than 50 yards away.
From next week it will open at lunchtime as well as in the evening – but with a different menu.
The only bad thing is that they take ages to greet customers on entry. It’s annoying – but worth the wait.


Stephen Newton said...

Miles? Is that you...?

Mirebella said...

Sounds good. I've always liked Leb food and being in Melbourne, you do get quite a selection but Greek and Italian is more popular :)

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